10 Ways To Stay Fit While At Work

If you work a desk job, research shows you’re more likely to be obese, have metabolic syndrome and even have higher risks for cardiovascular disease. Great for the majority of us workers then, huh? Well, you really don’t have to be at risk if you make a conscious effort to change a few things. In fact, […]

10 Ways To Boost Metabolism For Faster Weight Loss

Apart from eating a proper diet, boosting your metabolic rate is the key to healthy weight loss. Increasing the rate of your metabolism will burn your fat faster so that you lose weight and improve your general health. And you should increase your metabolism in a way that’s healthy, consistent and permanent. If you’re ready […]

10 Reasons Why Women Need To Lift Weights

During the last couple of decades, researchers have made extremely compelling arguments for the benefits of strength training (also referred to as weight training or resistance training), particularly for women, and for both men and women over the age of fifty. However, the number of women and elderly who participate in strength training is still […]

9 Tips For Fast Weight Loss

Do you have a hot date coming up? Are you off on a beach vacation soon? Chances are if you’re reading this, your body may not be too ready to fit into the amazing dress to impress your date or the ‘Make ‘Em Stare’ bikini you’d want to strut around the beach or the pool. […]

7 Swiss Ball Exercises For A Full Body Workout

Exercise got you down? Want to shake up your routine? Well, have a ball! An exercise ball, that is! The use of an exercise ball (also known as pilates ball or Swiss ball) can provide much-needed variety in your regular workout regimen. Exercise balls are user-friendly enough that novices can use them right away, to […]

5 Eating Tips You Should Not Listen To

You hear so much about what may help weight loss and what may not—aah! It can be confounding, right? Not to worry. Here are 5 healthy eating myths, debunked to ensure you do not fall into the trap of believing the wrong things. Myth #1: Eating after 8 P.M. will make you gain weight. You […]

4 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Eating Sugar

Let’s not sugarcoat it — the truth is that sugar has a dark side. The typical American eats about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day — more than double the recommended daily amount of added sugars. Part of the problem is that many people are unaware of the amount of sugar they’re consuming. Recognizing hidden […]

5 Moves To Rock Hard Abs

You don’t need crunches to get solid abs. Here are some simple unconventional ways to achieve strong functional abs without having to spend hours at the gym. They can be done after your regular gym session or integrated with you workout. The great thing about these training methods is that they will get you results and they […]

3 Tips For Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Sit ups, planks, and ab machines won’t get rid of your belly bulge. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the abdominal exercises that do the trick. They can strengthen, tone and pull in a waist line underneath your fat, but the fat will remain. To flatten your stomach and lose the fat for good, you […]